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Our energy audits have saved customers millions; see if your process can benefit from the latest technologies

CEC recently saved a large forging producer $550,000.00 per year by replacing their burner system. Currently, we are installing direct fired regenerative burners that have a less than 2 year payback. In another example, CEC designed and installed several indirect burner systems in Europe that resulted in 23% fuel reduction, the payback for this system was three years.

We have experience in regenerative thermal oxidizers which are typically for VOC (volatile organic compounds) reduction. These regenerative type units employ counter-current flows across ceramic media. These units normally have a 2-3 year payback over non-energy reducing units. CEC has also often used recuperative units for higher temperature and high pressure applications.

Reclaiming lost energy as electricity, CEC has installed several thermal process systems that route waste gases into boilers for energy recuperation. This energy can be used to heat process fluids, municipality water or to drive rankine-type turbines for electrical energy generation in large applications.

Technology changes fast. We understand the latest in efficiency improvements and offer actionable auditing to keep your production process up to date. Often, a small change now can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in efficiency over the years to come.

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