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CleanCast Undercarriage

CleanCast® (CC) has been used to process Cast Aluminum undercarriage components such as wheels, knuckles, stabilizer bars and axles. The CC machine will receive the casting from the mold filling station. The same manipulator that removes the casting from the die or mold filling station will load the casting into the CC machine. The casting is conveyed through the furnace without a tray or basket. The casting rides directly on the conveyance surface. Inside the machine the casting will be heat-treated. No cooling line is needed. If desired feed-sprues or gating can be chopped off prior to entrance into the CC machine. The customer is left with a compact, clean and environmentally friendly foundry both inside and outside. The CC three in one machine can interface with a carousel, in-line shuttle or precision Sand Mold filling station.

CEC has installed 16 solution heat treatment lines for the processing of undercarriage castings which are made in Semi Permanent Molds and Permanent Molds with gravity or low pressure mold filling. New innovations by CEC include processes for improving mechanical properties for high pressure aluminum die cast parts and Compact Graphite Iron blocks and heads.

With CEC machines you get a written guarantee for energy usage, man-power needed, pollution, machinery up-time and operating parameters. CEC can even run your CC machine for you and allow that the payment for the machine be paid on a per casting price over time.

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