CleanCast offers clean foundries, highest quality, and lowest part cost.


CEC has been innovating the heat treatment of aluminum and iron casting for over 20 years. As of 2012 CEC has installed systems for processing aluminum cylinder heads, engine blocks and wheels that can solution heat treat more than 57 million of these castings each year. This business area continues to grow for CEC as foundries and car companies struggle to lower costs and improve quality.

After using our Sand Lion® systems for more than 15 years a major German car company last year (2011) stated in their foundry society presentation that the CEC 3 in 1 is still the most economical and environmentally friendly method of heat treatment for aluminum castings available in the world; we certainly agree.

Our processes are back by thousands of tests done independently by CEC or with the cooperation of our customers. CEC will analyze your manufacturing needs, apply our systems and give you written guarantees on costs, pollution and machinery parameters (temperature uniformity, efficiency, up-time, etc.). CEC will even run the machines for you for several years to optimize the process and your interface.

If you are planning a foundry, call us early so that we can show you how to reduce casting transfer costs, manpower, floor space and pollution. CEC often can take all of the foundry heat and gas flow through process machines and have all pollutants exit the building in one stack. Typically the CEC foundry layout using 3 in 1 or CleanCast® technologies will occupy one-half to two-thirds of the floor space of a conventional foundry. The cost per casting to heat treat, decore and reclaim the sand for a casting processed in a CEC machine is usually half or less than conventional foundries with separate cooling lines and knock-out machines.

CleanCast® machines have been developed to allow castings to come directly from the mold dies into the heat treatment machine. CleanCast® machines do not require a tray or basket as the casting rides on a conveyance surface such as chains, rolls or moving hearth.

CEC CleanCast® casting processing machines can receive:

  • Iron castings for stress relieving.
  • Aluminum blocks in sand molds or semi-permanent molds.
  • Aluminum heads in sand molds or semi-permanent molds.
  • Aluminum wheels.
  • Aluminum castings of all sorts; cored or uncored.

Please call us today and put us to the test; allow us to show you a better foundry process and layout.

Some sizing parameters:

  • Loads up to 9000 lbs. (4000 kg.)
  • Typical Max. 48" x 48" x 60" Long, (1.2m x 1.2m x 1.5m Long) Load Chamber size
  • 600 kw Electric or gas heat is a typical maximum
  • Quench tank sizes to 28000 liters

CEC can automate the controls for your IQ furnace system to a Level I, II or Level III status which allows our customers to assure quality or to document inventory to the corporate profit and loss ledgers. Call today and let one of our experienced application engineers help you today.

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