batch oven, batch furnace, heat treating oven
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batch oven, batch furnace, heat treating oven

Batch Furnaces

Custom Designed Batch Furnaces

Batch Furnaces provide customers with improved cost efficiency with maximum output and process flexibility. Direct gas-fired, radiant tube and electric heating systems are offered to meet heat treating parameters and atmosphere requirements. Uses cover a variety of applications such as annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, etc. Typical loading arrangements, which can be provided are roller hearth, roller rails, skid or truck. Single or multiple chamber units are available.

Batch furnaces have been custom designed by CEC for more than 50 years and are installed at hundreds of facilities worldwide. The furnaces can be automatically loaded, unloaded and quenched with interfaced gantry cranes, robots, conveyors or your existing machines. PLC control to Level I, II or III is possible to fit your audit, quality and inventory needs. CEC has built custom ovens and furnaces for all types of products to serve the aerospace, energy, automotive and the home construction industry. For Aluminum, CEC has made the largest and most sophisticated drop bottom furnaces in the world. These include tower furnaces for aerospace wing struts, and rapid quench units for forged rings up to 23 feet in diameter.

For steel, CEC IQ furnaces offer heavy duty construction with large load capacities for a variety of metallurgical processes including neutral hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, annealing, and more. Many types of products and processes can be designed for machinery applications. Please contact our applications staff for a price, specification, and delivery for your production needs. At CEC we are committed to making you a better manufacturer by integrating optimized furnace systems.

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